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dongnenuna / do not edit.

so i’ve already made a post about this before and i know many of you have voted already, but i really need more help. i’m really sorry for the spam ;A;
next year, i’ll be attending the university of pennsylvania and although it’s a good school, it’s not the cheapest ((tuition is around $70,000))
i’ve written an essay for a scholarship based on my kpop experience which i think many would find relatable. currently i’m in 9th place and the top 10 are finalists but voting ends on may 1st so please help vote so i don’t fall behind!! i would appreciate it soooosososoo much.
here’s the link to vote
also if you guys see this, it would mean a lot to me if you reblogged it too and spread it to other fandoms and tumblr users. thank you so much!!
Showtime Dongwoon’s Teaser Screencap
Kwang always looks good in SnapBack
6. April 2014

Sorry guys for I haven been back for a freaking long time :(

Hyung and brother OMG why so cute <3
Cr: @_DoYoLight