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CUBE will publish unpublished videos of B2ST once the MV hits 5,000,000 views.
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이젠 아니야 (No More)

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BEAST - ‘이젠 아니야 (No More)’ (Official Music Video)

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Hello all I just want to say this is my fandom and I’m so damn proud of it :’)
1. Since 910606.
2. The most considerate maknae who goes for photoshoots the last so that his hyungs can rest first.
3. The giant maknae who is afraid of tiny flying bugs.
4. The most thick-skinned maknae who calls himself a god, Son Namshin.
5. The maknae who doesn’t look like a maknae.
6. The maknae who puts his hyungs first who always think for them.
7. The visual of the group acknowledged by all the B2ST members, though he brainwashed them.
8. The member with the perfect features.
9. The Arab prince.
10. The Squishy Maknae.
11. The maknae the hyungs love.
12. The dorkiest boy.
13. The guy who hates number 4 very much.
14. The ever so seriously maknae who tries his very best in everything he does.
15. The silly boy who burnt his hand because he waved to the fans.
16. The boy with overflowing self-confidence.
17. The guy who can’t do sports.
18. The sexy maknae.
19. Tony Tony Chopper Lover.
20. Thinks that he is the best.
21. The only member without an Instagram.
22. The cheerful and bright maknae.
23. He is Son Dong Woon of B2ST, the precious maknae of his hyungs and B2UTIES.

Happy 23rd birthday to 손동운 AKA Son Namshin. ❤️💕💓